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Q: What is a serviced apartment?

A: It's an apartment with all amenities and services, which is used as an alternative to hotels and residence by tourists, professionals or businessmen who need to stay away from home and prefer the atmosphere of an apartment to the coldness of a residence or a hotel room.

Q: What will I find in a serviced apartment leased by Qualità Italiana S.r.l.?

A: Each apartment is furnished, including kitchen. 

Q: How do I choose an apartment?

A: The first step is to find the apartment that meets your needs from among those listed on the site www.mecenate84.it

Once the choice of the apartment is made you will proceed by sending a request (not binding) including the code of one or more apartments specified on the website. The request can also be made via email at info@mecenate84.it or by calling the telephone numbers that appear in the page "Contacts and booking".

Q: How is the apartment assigned to me?

A: The staff of Qualità Italiana S.r.l. first checks the availability of the selected apartment for the desired period, if the apartment is available it will be immediately assigned. Otherwise another apartment with similar characteristics will be recommended.

Q: How much does an apartment costs?

A: The studios and the one bedroom apartments are priced depending on the booked period. To make the final price it’s important to know the duration of the stay. Qualità Italiana S.r.l. will be able to communicate the ultimate price after the costumer have selected the apartment and the duration of the stay.

Q: How can I book an apartment?

A: To book an apartment you need to:

  • Communicate to the staff of Qualità Italiana S.r.l. your personal details and sign the contract
  • pay the reservation fee that represents an advance payment on the total amount of the rent (bank transfer, check or cash).


Q: How do I pay for an apartment?

A: The advance payment (reservation fee) can be made at distance by wire transfer. The balance, or the amount of the first rate must be paid in a single payment 15 days before the date of arrival along with a deposit to cover possible damages. The deposit will be refunded within 10 working days from the termination of the contract, upon verification of no damage.


Q: Is it possible to cancel a reservation?

A: In case of cancellation of the booking made by the client when the contract is closed, the Company shall have the right to withhold the amount of the reservation fee already paid; In case of cancellation with notice of not less than 15 days before the period of use of the apartment, the Company shall have the right to withhold the amount of the reservation fee already paid plus  50% of the balance. In case of cancellation with notice of not more than 7 days before the period of use of the apartment, the Company will be entitled to deduct the full amount of the price, except the right to claim damages .

Q: Can I see the apartment before making a reservation?

A: The website provides photos of each apartment, however, for stays which will last longer than one month, our staff is available to show vacant apartments.


Q: What happens if there are problems with the entrance to the booked apartment?

A: In case of problems, Qualità Italiana S.r.l. reserves the right to assign another apartment, similar or of higher quality than the one booked, or to find a temporary solution until the customer will be able to enter the apartment.

If the Customer, for reasonable and justified reasons, refuses the replaced apartment assigned , the signed agreement shall automatically terminate and the Company will reimburse the full amount paid (if the apartment was booked but not yet in use) or the amount corresponding to the period of disuse (in case the apartment was already in use). In this case, however, no additional amount will be due by the Company to the Customer for any reason. You can contact us at the telephone numbers provided on "Contacts and Booking", during office hours (09.00 A.M. -  06.00 P.M.)

Q: When entering and leaving the apartment?

A: The keys of the apartment will be given to the customer by one of the Company’s appointed person, at the place and time agreed in advance and in any event no earlier than 04.00 P.M., while the release must take by  11.00 A.M.


Q: Is there a chance to extend the duration of the stay?

A: First of all we recommend that you inform the staff of the need to extend the duration of your stay. The extension will be accepted ONLY if the apartment has not already been booked by another customer. The price of the extension will depend on the duration of the extra stay. In case of unavailability of the apartment, where possible, another one will be assigned.